What Are the Most Common Health Concerns Caused By Dirty Ductwork?

Indoor air pollution isn’t just what the outside air brings into the home through open doors and windows. The air inside your home or office includes the daily, monthly, and even annual build-up of dirt, airborne bacteria, and broken down debris from every facet of activity within a given building. Indoor air pollution tends to build up in air ducts, on air filters, and all throughout a ventilation system, which is why it’s so critical to regularly clean your air ducts and replace or clean air filters as necessary.

What respiratory problems and other health concerns can be caused by a dirty ventilation system?

  • Allergies: One of the clearest effect of dirty air duct or air filters is an increase in allergies. Dust and mold spores can build up and spread throughout the entirety of a building, and these hazard can increase give it a greater number of people pet and exposure to the elements outside.
  • Respiratory Infections: Viruses and bacteria can easily spread throughout the air even without direct person to person or hand-to-hand contact. Once these germs enter the ventilation system, they can easily grow and spread due to the dark, warm, and generally undisturbed environment. Mold often likes to grow directly on air filters, especially in damp environment near leaks or moist air. This buildup can lead to it penetrating the air filter or being recycled into the air, making respiratory infections are more common and harder to remove the root cause of.
  • Sinus Infections: Even if indoor air pollution is more dirt and debris than it is viruses and bacteria, the buildup of motes and obstructions in the air will come into contact with your nasal passages every time you breathe. This dirt and debris can inflame your sinuses which can lead to an infection even with the most benign of air particles. Having indoor air pollution of any sort can always increase complications with sensitive sinuses.

Whether you’re sensitive to allergies and sinus infections or simply want to breathe clean air in your home or office, regular cleaning of your air filters and ductwork is essential. Please contact us if you have any questions about the best way to make sure that your air is clean or want to learn more about our air duct cleaning process.

Why hardwood floor cleaning and preservation should be on your to-do list

Why hardwood floor cleaning and preservation should be on your to-do list

 Hardwood floors are not only beautiful and enduring, they add value to your home and compared to other flooring options, such as linoleum and carpet, are longer-lasting.

For most people, a simple sweep or vacuum, along with a damp mop and spot clean is as involved as care gets. It’s true that hardwood is easy to care for, but it’s also important to give it some extra TLC periodically to keep it looking good longer. Wood ages, just like people do. When it’s taken care of, it ages more beautifully. Your wood floors are subject to the elements of humidity, UV rays and of course wear and tear.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning And Preservation

A comprehensive, professional cleaning process will dramatically improve the look of your floor. It’s often surprising how much dirt and debris remains on your floor even when you clean it regularly. 

Not only that, but minor scuffs and scratches dull the surface of the wood, dulling its natural beauty.

The cleaning and preservation process not only removes deep down dirt, it also smooths out those minor imperfections. This is then followed up with a protective coating that keeps your floor safe from the effects of environmental damage.

Your floor will look amazing, but just as importantly, it will be protected and conditioned. When wood isn’t properly protected over time there is a risk of damage that needs repairs or worse yet, replacement.

By regularly maintaining your hardwood floors, you will not only keep them looking beautiful, you’ll keep them longer, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement.

Your hardwood floors will last longer with professional hardwood cleaning and preservation treatment. Schedule your appointment today.