We Offer Disinfecting And BioProtect 90 Day Protection Coating

  • Our team will arrive on-site with Personal Protective Equipment
  • We will clean and degrease all main touchpoint areas
  • Sanitizing with electrostatic spray systems with a disinfectant (electrostatic spraying creates a very thorough bond like static electricity on all surfaces)
  • BioProtect 90 day protection is then applied to all high touch surfaces with electrostatic sprayers
  • Global Virus Network tested BioProtect Coating 
  • After 30 days we return and do electronic swab testing of high touch areas to guarantee no bacteria or bioload has adhered to high touch surfaces
  • Emailed testing report to you 
  • Fully Trained Staff With PPE

  • Clean and De-Grease High Touch Areas

  • BioProtect 90 Day Coating Protection Applied

    When applied to a surface or incorporated into a material, BIOPPROTECT™ forms a covalent bond with the substrate and creates a microbiostatic antimicrobial coating. The coating forms a nano-bed shield of spikes (self-assembling monolayer), each of which carries a positive charge that attracts the negatively charged bacteria. Once attracted, the molecular spikes pierce the cell and rupture its cell membrane, causing that bacterial microorganism to die.
    BIOPROTECT has been tested to help with SARS-CoV-2 (the unique coronavirus that causes COVID-19) on surfaces and provides continuous residual viricidal activity for more than six weeks.  The announcement was made by Dr. Christian Bréchot, President of the GVN. (this independent test is not approved yet on the BioProtect label)
  • 30 Day Return For Swab Bacteria Testing