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House Cleaning FAQs

Are you licensed and insured and what does that do for me?

Our insurance is the best available. With $2,000,000 in liability coverage, crime and employee accident coverage. Your home, our team members and Alpine Specialty Cleaning are included in the coverage. If you’d like, we will send you a certificate validating our insurance.

What if someone is injured cleaning my home?

The beauty of you making the wise choice of only dealing with a professional service company is that you do not have the liability if someone is injured on your property. Alpine Specialty Cleaning is fully insured for such circumstances and our employees are covered under a comprehensive workers compensation plan. Those who hire an uninsured individual to work in their home open themselves to a lot more risk than injury.

Does your staff speak English?

Yes, our employees read and speak English. You will be able to communicate any of your needs to us and we will clarify to make sure your requests and expectations are clearly understood.

Do you do NATIONAL criminal background checks?

Yes we do. We go to great lengths to only hire law abiding, trustworthy individuals and make sure that they remain honest in all they do while they work for us by not only doing local but NATIONAL background checks.

How long have you been in business?

Alpine Specialty Cleaning has provided cleaning services to the Puget Sound area since 1969! This means that we are experienced and will NOT be using your home as a proving ground for untried employees, chemicals nor techniques. We have also received great feedback from thousands of customers who have helped us create and perfect a unique experience that we feel you will enjoy.

Do you reward for referrals?

Yes we do! We will credit your account $50 for every new household you refer to us that becomes a regular housekeeping client. Regular is defined as monthly or more frequent.

How do I arrange payment for my regular cleaning service?

You have many options but, payment is due at time of service. You may pay by cash, personal check or accepted credit cards. If you do not plan to be present during our first visit, we will ask you for the full estimated amount to be pre-paid by credit card prior to beginning your cleaning. On regularly scheduled visits, we prefer payments continue to be automated and handled through our office via credit card. When handled this way we can then leave your receipt marked paid in full after each visit.

Do I need to be home during my cleaning?

It’s your choice. Many of our customers prefer to give us a key which we then manage through a lock box in our office. Some utilize alarm systems which can either be left off or you can give us the entry/exit codes. By far, the most efficient and problem-free way for everyone is for you to give us a key and the alarm codes.

Is a maid service expensive and only for wealthy people?

No. Our goal is to create a service that becomes priceless to you by maintaining order and beauty in your home and creating more time for you to enjoy it. Our service blesses the lives of the young mother who wants more time with her family, the established homemaker who wants more free time to relax, the elderly who need a helping hand, the convalescent who just can’t do it anymore or even the absentee homeowner who wants peace of mind knowing that things are being kept up in their absence.

Will I be able to have the same individuals each time?

We make every effort to have the same cleaning service team in your home. Occasionally there may be a change in a team member due to illness. The leader’s job is to learn your home and to teach the team members to deliver the quality that you would expect.

What if I need to skip a cleaning at a last minutes notice?

We would greatly appreciate a 48 hour notice of any rescheduling needs but understand that emergencies do arise.

What about laundry, dishes or picking up clutter, are these included?

We can customize your cleaning to include many tasks. Your pricing is derived from your specific needs. You can however just let us know of your new requests in advance and we will do our best to add them to our regular routine. You’ll love our flexibility and desire to accommodate.

Should I tip my housekeepers?

Tipping is not required nor is it implied. But you should know that when your housekeepers do receive a tip it is very much appreciated.

What do I need to supply?

Nothing, Alpine Specialty Cleaning crews will always arrive at your home in one of our lettered cars with our own green cleaning products and equipment. All of our products are Biokleen GREEN and are safe for small children and pets.

What if I am unhappy with the service I receive?

Our services are guaranteed. If we have miss communicated with you concerning your expectations then we want to know. We will return as soon as possible to correct the concern and then re document the matter in our records so that it won’t be repeated. If though, you are happy, we want to know that too.

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