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Why should you use Alpine to clean your air duct system?

It’s all about INDOOR AIR QUALITY! Since 1969 Alpine Specialty Services has consistently promised and delivered a superior customer experience in residential air duct cleaning and IAQ services in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area.

We clean YOUR ENTIRE AIR DUCT SYSTEM the RIGHT way AND we scrub/filter your air during the entire cleaning process. We also electronically measure your home’s air quality and present a detailed report to you.  We only use the BEST and latest in technology truck-mounted equipment with NADCA trained technicians that adhere to NADCA’s strict guidelines for duct cleaning. Breathe easy again with clean indoor air.

Our Professional Air Duct Cleaning Process:

  • We are not just an air duct cleaning company, we are INDOOR AIR QUALITY EXPERTS serving the Puget Sound Area since 1969

  • We have more LOCAL 5 Star Reviews online than any other cleaning company- An Air Duct Company You Can Trust!

  • We are a NADCA certified company and have NADCA trained technicians. We clean the RIGHT way, no sales gimmicks

  • We set up a HEPA AIR CLEANER filtration system during the entire cleaning process to clean and cycle your air for a dust free experience

    Alpine’s exclusive HEPA air cleaner process will cycle and deep clean your home’s air at least TEN times while the cleaning takes place. We ensure a dust-free cleaning experience! All included at no additional charge.

  • We have the highest quality TRUCK POWERED air duct cleaning equipment

    Cleaning a complex air duct system isn’t a job for a carpet cleaning machine or shop vacuum. Our “Van Mounted”  Super Trucks create the negative airflow needed to remove even the worst contaminants and pull them outside where they belong.

    We use a very powerful 12,000 CFM vacuum HyperVac system and 300 PSI of constant air pressure.

  • We protect your home

    A complete and in-depth cleaning requires us to go into every room that contains an air duct or cold-air return. At Alpine, the work will not begin until the floors, doorways and outside wall corners are protected. Slip-on shoe covers, floor tarps and plastic corner guards create a barrier between our equipment and your home.

  • Super vacuum attached to the main trunk line

    We connect a 10″ vacuum hose to your main trunk line and create the massive negative air flow needed to remove the dirt, dust and contaminants that are hiding in the system.

  • Maximize the vacuum and air pressure hoses

    Once the 10″ hose is connected to the system, the huge vacuum fan on the truck begins pulling air from the living spaces down through the ductwork. By covering the registers, a negative pressure is created within the system so dirt and dust can’t return to the living spaces.

  • Compressed air tools into each individual vent for superior agitation

    Pulling large volumes of air toward the truck, we now feed our soft rubber, high-pressure air scrubbing tools down each of the vent lines, forcing all the contaminants into the trunk line where it’s extracted into the super truck. This removes dirt, dust, pollen, and pet dander that has been collected over the years.

  • Cold air return cleaning

    After all the duct work on the supply side is completed, we move to the cold-air return system. The main return grill is removed (unless attached to a wall or painted surfaces) and the venting is cleaned, followed by the vent covers and lines throughout the home.

  • Trunk lines and plenums

    We access the inside of the trunk lines (supply) and plenums (return air) and clean each one with specialized scrubbing air tools. Small 1″ holes allow access to every area as the dirt is pulled toward the attached vacuum hose. (all if reachable)

    New galvanized access panels or covers are installed over the openings created for the vacuum hose and sealed with aluminum tape if needed. Complete system test for running condition and complete work area clean up.

  • Basic furnace interior cleaning and inspection

    This step is completed with the removal of the furnace panels and cleaning of the exterior surface of the blower, gas combustion chamber, electric motor, and cabinet. We use a vacuum and compressed air. The furnace is inspected to make sure everything is running efficiently and safely.

    We will also deep clean electrostatic filter systems if equipped or clean existing filters/replace them with customer supplied.

  • We email you BEFORE & AFTER cleaning photos of the inside of your ducts

  • Dryer Vent cleaning available (additional fee)

  • We clean your existing furnace filters OR replace with CUSTOMER SUPPLIED filters at no extra charge


  • Air Scrubber Advanced

    We offer professional installation of the highly regarded Air Scrubber Advanced home air purifying system!

    Check out this great video on our Air Scrubber Advanced and see what it can do for you!

  • Special Financing Available!

  • Available Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

    We are now offering installation and programming of new Honeywell T-6 Smart Wi-Fi thermostats.

  • Optional All Natural Benefect Sanitizing Fogging Process

    Benefect is an all-natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, organic sanitizer that can be fogged into your air duct system to help prevent bacterial build-up from various toxins that come in contact with you and your family on a daily basis.

    • Ultra-Low Wet Fogging Process Inside HVAC System
    • To Be Used For Air Duct Sanitation and Odor Removal
    • Safe Fogging for your family and pets

    These toxins include, but are not limited to:

    • Mold/Mildew Spores
    • Allergens
    • Pet Hair/Dander
    • Dust Mites
    • Influenza/Viruses
    • Smoke Residue/Ash Dander
  • We also offer repair/maintenance and new equipment installation

We Are a Full Platinum Dealer for American Standard & Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Products

New Sales and Service

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IAQ and Air Duct Cleaning Educational Videos

You Get What You Pay For!

IAQ and Air Duct Cleaning

Proper Air Duct Cleaning Process

Energy Savings and Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Facts


Make sure you do your research on the website, the Better Business Bureau and the attorney general. At Alpine we have an A+ rating with the BBB and zero consumer complaints. We are licensed and certified through NADCA. There are a lot of shady air duct cleaning companies out there with too low to be true pricing. They are in trouble with the BBB, are NOT certified with NADCA and use bait and switch tactics. Go with a company that has long standing credibility.


Air pollutants are 4 to 7 times higher INDOORS than outdoors! We spend 80-90% of our time inside, increasing the risk for allergies, asthma, breathing problems and lung damage, especially in the young and elderly.

Indoor air quality didn’t become an issue until we decided we needed airtight, energy-efficient homes. We’ve lowered our energy bills, but we’ve trapped pollutants inside our homes and offices. What’s in your air ducts? Dust, pollen, animal dander, mouse droppings, dust mites, drywall dust, insulation, fungus and bacteria. Each time the fan turns on, it forces them into your living environment for you to breathe… morning, noon and night. And, if your vent covers are located on the floor, you would be surprised what finds its way into your duct system.

We’ve pulled out pop bottles, cans, drywall, insulation, toys, tools, paper, food… and tons of dirt, hair and lint! With all that debris plugging up your system, your furnace has to work harder than it should. In fact, 9 out of 10 maintenance calls are a direct result of dirt and dust plugging up the system!



If you price air duct cleaning from several companies, you will notice a big price difference from one company to the next. For a typical 2,000-SF home, the price might range from $60 to $600. After learning more, you will find that PRICE has a direct correlation to the DEGREE of cleaning you get.


At $39 will admit (after asking them several times) that they typically use an electric-powered shop vacuum to clean your ducts. You might wonder how a shop vacuum can remove possibly several pounds of grime?

Good question. Common sense dictates that even an extra-long hose cannot physically reach the entire length of a 20-ft. air duct. And a small, low-powered hose will not suck up large debris. No wonder they only charge $39. You get what you pay for.



Using our custom-built, high-powered vacuum trucks, we run a variety of high-pressure air tools through each duct, including brush systems and power whips. We utilize a high-powered vacuum system and a much larger vacuum hose that is 8 to 10 inches in diameter, pulling 12,000 cubic feet per minute.

This powerful vacuum picks up everything and anything inside your air ducts – from wood blocks, nails and drywall, to dust, germs, bugs, dead animals … you name it.
NOTE: One of the advantages with truck-mounted air duct cleaning units is that all the debris is vacuumed directly outdoors and filtered outside.

If you have allergies or asthma, you probably don’t need any allergens or contaminants entering your breathing space! With our truck, the debris that the vacuum pulls out of your air ducts falls into a trap outside , while the air is released into huge filter bags on top of the vacuum truck … outside!

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