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Heating/Cooling Maintenance And Installation

2022 Alpine Specialty Services HVAC FURNACE TUNE-UP With Multipoint Inspection

  • IAQ indoor air testing and evaluation with report emailed

  • Check all safety controls and wire connections

  • Inspect/test main circuit board function

  • Clean and inspect all gas burners or electric coils

  • Inspection of heat exchanger for cracks and wear

  • Carbon monoxide testing

  • Clean and inspect thermocouple and flame sensor

  • Clean and inspect gas ignitor/spark and pilot light

  • Cycle furnace and monitor ignition flame

  • Inspect and test inducer motor function

  • Record temperature rise and adjust blower output

  • Inspect/clean or replace filters as needed

  • Inspect and record manifold pressure

  • Inspect natural gas lines and test

  • Remove, clean, and lubricate blower assembly

  • Inspect and clean inside burner and blower cabinet

  • Run test of capacitor performance

  • Adjust heating dampers

  • Inspect, flush and clean condensate pan

  • Inspect and flush condensate drain lines

  • Install mold/bacteria insert into drain pan to stop future mold/bacteria growth

  • Inspect venting system for leaks and debris

  • Inspect exhaust flue for function and leaks

  • Lubricate all moving parts as needed

  • Clean exterior of furnace cabinet

  • Check thermostat and program function

  • Final inspection and run cycle of entire system

  • Explain overall evaluation with customer include Service Titan report with recommendations of equipment and function

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